How many of these UK roads did you know are said to be haunted...

How many of these UK roads did you know are said to be haunted...

We’ve rounded up some of the most hauntingly chilling roads across the UK for paranormal and strange activity, so whether you’re an avid ghost hunter or prefer some authentic chills this Halloween you can check out these haunted roads and motorways across the UK.

1. Electric Brae, Ayrshire, Scotland

Approx. 21min drive from Ayr / 59min from Glasgow / 2hrs30 from Edinburgh 

Croy Brae

Known locally as Croy Brae, the half-mile stretch located on the A719 between Drumshrang and Knoweside draws in hundreds of visitors each year due to the odd phenomenon that occurs when you place a car in neutral and facing downhill, the car begins to roll back up the hill instead of rolling forward.

It was believed to be haunted by witches from a time long ago, the most well-known theory centres around magnets, minerals and rich coastal soil but apparently the myth was debunked as an optical illusion that the landscape gives of a hill. Whatever the reason we think it’s pretty spooky so visit the Electric Brae - South Ayrshire Council have in recent years added a parking lane at the side of the road for you to test it out safely.

2. The A75, Kinmount Straight in South West Scotland

Approx. 10min drive from Gretna Green / 23min from Carlisle / 32min from Dumfries


Dubbed the most haunted road in Scotland and known as ‘The Ghost Road’, this has been a hotspot for paranormal activity and sightings for centuries which include eyeless phantoms peeping out from the side of the road, horseman in their carriages, phantom people walking on the road with many drivers reporting and believing they had hit people only to get out of their vehicles and not find anyone.

One stretch of the road in particular is considered the most haunted and is the route from Gretna to Annan via Eastriggs. There have been sightings in recent times of an elderly man in tweeds standing by the old Kinmount bus shelter and other reports include hens flying towards vehicles and disappearing at impact.  This stretch of road isn’t very well lit so take caution if you choose to drive through the villages from Annan to Dumfriesshire.

3. A229, South England

Approx. 4min drive from Maidstone / 37min from Canterbury / 38min from Tunbridge Wells  


This major stretch of road runs north-south through Kent. This is another contender for Britain’s most haunted road, the A229 from Sussex to Kent has given the local constabulary no end of calls of people mowing down pedestrians to get our their vehicles and not find a body.

The most reported sighting is of a woman in a bridal gown which is believed to be Judith Langham, who was tragically killed in a collision on her wedding day but the most spine-tingling is that of people picking up a phantom hitchhiker who tells you of all of the things that has gone wrong in the world and how he will make them better…but then when you reach a certain point on the destination he disappears from the seat next to you.

4. M6, Motorway, England


Accessible from many major cities including Manchester, Birmingham, and London.

At 230 miles long and starting from the Gretna junction (J45) towards Catthorpe making the M6 the longest road in the UK.

It comes as no surprise that there have been paranormal activity sightings, ranging from phantom Roman soldiers marching across the road (mostly reported on the new M6 toll road by the toll stations), a woman at the side of the road and vehicles (especially a lorry and an old-style vehicle) driving against the traffic as well as the ghosts of Royalist Scottish horsemen slaughtered by local Parliamentary supporters just outside the town of Sandbach in Cheshire.

The M6 has recorded more alleged sightings and spine-tingling feelings than any other route in the country.

5. Stockbridge Bypass, Sheffield, England

Approx. 27min drive from Sheffield / 33min from Leeds / 1hr6min from Manchester Stockbridge Bypass

Known as the ‘Killer Road’ the Stockbridge bypass is located in Stockbridge near Sheffield, the road is said to be haunted with many people experiencing strange happenings on the bypass.

The bypass was opened in May 1988 and links the M1 motorway at Junction 35a to the Woodhead Pass. It is thought that it is not so much the road that is haunted but the land it is built on.

Local legend has it that a monk who fell out of favour with the church was buried on this land in an un-consecrated grave and is said to still roam the area. It is also stated that children may have fallen down mine shafts on this land in the past.  When work began in 1987 workers immediately began reporting strange sounds and phenomena, two security guards at the time claim to have witnessed numerous sightings of unexplained paranormal activity while on parole including reports of children in old-fashioned clothes dancing near the construction site.  Other reports in recent years include reports of people’s cars shaking as they drive, banging on the roof as if someone was on the roof and hearing chains rattle as well as the children dancing around the pylons.

That brings us to the end of the spine-chilling roads you can find in the U.K. there are others which include the A9 in Scotland, Platt Lane in Lancashire, the A456 in the West Midlands, Oldnall Road in the West Midlands and the B3212 in Dartmoor, Devon to name a few.

Would you dare drive any of these roads at night?

Still looking for haunted locations in the UK? See our Haunted locations guide.

Please remember to practice safe driving and try not let paranormal activity phase you if you encounter it on any of these busy roads.


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