Car Hire Knowhow coronavirus (COVID-19) update coronavirus (COVID-19) update

This page brings you the latest information about managing your booking during the coronavirus outbreak. Here you’ll find links to up-to-date coronavirus information and travel advice from the UK government, and discover what this travel advice might mean for your car rental. 

If you’re not a UK resident, please check with your local government authority before you travel.

Already booked a rental car?

You can change your booking at any time

If you’ve already made a booking, you’re free to change the time and/or the place. You can:

  • Go later – postpone your rental
  • Go somewhere else – choose a car in a different destination.  

Whatever you decide, you can change your booking online, via live chat, or on the phone. You can call 0333 003 5609 from the UK, or +44 161 312 3656 from other countries.

You won’t pay any admin fees for changing your booking, although it may affect the rental price.

You can cancel your booking

If you – or your rental car – are in an area that’s affected by travel restrictions, we’ll do everything we can to help. Please just get in touch before your rental is due to start.

If you’re not directly affected by the outbreak:

  • You can cancel the vast majority of bookings for free, as long as you give us at least 48 hours’ notice.
  • If you paid a booking deposit, or booked a Dollar/Thrifty car, the rules are a bit different.

For details, please see your rental terms: just access your booking, enter your email address and booking reference number, then scroll down and click the rental company’s ‘Terms and Conditions’. You’ll find the cancellation policy under ‘Important Information’.

You can cancel via live chat or over the phone. Call 0333 003 5609 from the UK, or +44 161 312 3656 from other countries. 

If you’re rethinking your travel plans as a result of the outbreak, remember that you can change the timing or location of your car rental free of charge. 

Thinking of booking a car?

With the vast majority of bookings, you can cancel for free up to 48 hours before you pick up the car. So if you’re thinking about renting a car, you can always book it now, and change or cancel your rental later on.

Bought Full Protection Insurance?

Cancelling your rental will automatically cancel your Full Protection Insurance, so you’ll get a refund of the insurance premium you paid.

  • If you cancel before your rental is due to start, you’ll get your premium refunded in full.
  • If you cancel after your rental is due to start, you’ll get a partial refund (as long as you’re cancelling less than 14 days after buying the insurance). For example, if you cancel 4 days into an 8-day rental, you’ll get half your insurance premium back.