Hallo-scream trips to some of the UK’s most haunted locations

Hallo-scream trips to some of the UK’s most haunted locations

With the ever rising popularity of ghost town road trips and paranormal activity locations we’ve pulled together a list of the ghoulish places you can find in the UK, this list is by no means exhaustive as the UK is home to a great deal of paranormal activity. So read on to find out more about the destinations that have intrigued us for a spook-tacular adventure this Hallows Eve.

1. Glamis Castle, Strathmore, Scotland

Approx. 26min drive from Dundee / 38min from Perth / 1hr32 from Edinburgh / 1hr45 from Glasgow

Glamis Castle

Home to the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne, setting for Shakespeare’s Macbeth and also the childhood home of the Queen Mother.

You wouldn’t expect Glamis Castle to be regarded as one of ‘the most haunted castles in Britain’, it has more ghost stories than any other castle in the British Isles and is said to have more than 20 ghoulish characters who reoccur in numerous sightings at the property over the last century.

Some believe the reason is due to the 'secret room'within the castle whichhas not been found - so if you were to stand outside the castle and count the number of windows and compare them to the number of windows inside the building there is alwaystwo short with many theories on what the room contains or once contained including witchcraft practice.

Paranormal activity includes sightings of ghostly figures floating across the lawns, banging noises in the night, sheets being ripped off beds in the middle of the night and doors that open even though they are locked and bolted.

Read more about the hauntings at the castle [here].

2. Village of Pluckley, Kent, southeast England

Approx. 31min drive from Canterbury / 33min from Maidstone / 1hr45 from Glasgow

Village of Pluckley

According to a Guinness Book of World Records entry in 1989 the Village of Puckley which is located just outside of Ashford is dubbed as ‘the most haunted village in Britain’.

Pluckey Village which has the most reported ghost sightings in Britain includes a flickering light that can be seen in St Nicholas’ Church and a white lady spotted within the church. Dering Woods which is situated just outside of Pluckley is said to be haunted and is nicknamed the ‘Screaming Woods’, which is believed to be of the men and women who came to their end after becoming lost in the woods.

Read more about the paranormal activity in Pluckley. [here]

3. Cannock Chase District, Cannock, West England

Approx. 32min drive from Wolverhampton / 38min from Stoke-On-Trent / 39min from Birmingham

The dense woodland area is branded ‘one of Britain’s most active paranormal hotspots’, it is most famously known for its werewolf sightings. ‘The Werewolf of Cannock Chase’ apparently appears on the outskirts of Stafford near the German War Cemetery with reports from people spotting a 'wolf-type creature walking on its hind legs', in recent years there have been a high number of pet disappearances around the cemetery and has been the site of animal mutilations over the past decade (mainly deer).

There have also been reports of UFO and ghost sightings from residents in the area.

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4. Borley Rectory, Essex, East England

Approx. 28min drive from Bury St Edmunds / 36min from Braintree / 35min from Colchester

Borley Rectory, located near Sudbury in Essex was a Victorian house built by the Reverend Henry D. E. Bull in 1863 on the site of an old monastery. It has been famed as ‘the most haunted house in England’ by Harry Price with reports of strange occurrences dating back to the mid to late 1800’s, with the first documented evidence in the early 1900’s.

According to folklore a nun from a nearby nunnery fell in love with a monk from the monastery, the pair attempted to elope together but were caught and sentenced to death. The monk was reported to have been sent to the gallows of the monastery whilst the nun was sealed into the walls of the nunnery alive. The Rectory was destroyed by a fire in mysterious circumstances in 1939, the ruins remained until 1944 before the rectory was demolished.

Read more about the history of Borely Rectory [here].

5. Muncaster Castle, Cumbria, northwest England

Approx. 29min drive from Whitehaven / 58min from Barrow-in-Furness / 1hr08 from Kendal

Home to the Pennington family who have lived in the castle for many generations since 1208. Muncaster Castle is Known as ‘one of Britain’s most haunted buildings’, it is thought to have been built on the site where a large Roman fort once was.

Paranormal activity includes footsteps down the corridors at night, babies crying and things that go thud in the night. The Tapestry Room is the most haunted room in the castle with visitors often reporting feeling an unwelcoming presence in the room. Many who have stayed in the room report children singing softly and black figures appearing in the night. If you’re still sceptical you can actually stay in the Tapestry Room if you dare…

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Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, we hope you have a ghoulish night.