Your Rental Includes
* Unlimited Kilometres
* Insurance ( - Collision Damage Waiver - Theft Protection - 3rd Party Liability )
* Local Taxes
* Airport Surcharge
* Road Fee
* Premium location fee

Mandatory local fees

* Toll fees – Electronic Devices for automatic payment are available from the local Rental Company; Post Office, Pay shop, or Motorway Service areas.

*Toll fees – Electronic Devices for automatic payment are available from the local Rental Company; Post Office, Pay shop, or Motorway Service areas. Rental costs will vary.

Not Included

Other optional items & fees
* Out of Hours Fees
* One Way Fees (where applicable)
* Additional extras requested at time of booking or purchased locally (for example child seats)
* Deliveries & Collections
* Supplementary Insurance to cover injuries to drivers &/or passengers
* Fines, Toll Fees & Parking Charges

Please note that charges made at the location for these & other items will be subject to any applicable sales taxes & location taxes / fees. Prices for local extras are controlled by the local rental company & may be subject to change.

Payment Policy
Please note: Not all suppliers accept Chinese UnionPay credit card for pickup, such as in Australia and New Zealand. Please check UnionPay web site for details.

Deposit Requirements
The following payment forms are accepted at the start of the rental to cover the deposit
Credit Card - Mastercard, Visa
Credit Cards must be in the Principal driver's name

Driver Age & Requirements
The minimum driver age required is 21 .
Young drivers aged between 21 and 24 Inclusive pay €6 per day to a maximum of €72 per rental
All drivers must have held their licence for a minimum period of 4 year(s)

Please note: Not all suppliers accept Chinese Driving License and its Notarised Translation. Please check our Terms and Conditions for details or confirm this with us before your trip.

Requirements for Pick Up
A passport will be required for identification purposes
An International Driving Licence is required for drivers outside the European Union

Your full valid Driving Licence; and the Voucher or eVoucher

Fuel Policy
For rentals of 4 days or more, fuel should be paid for on arrival and you must return the tank as empty as possible.

Refunds are given for unused fuel for rentals of 1 to 3 days

At the counter, you may decide to buy additional cover to reduce or remove your excess, or to cover things your Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) doesn’t, such as tyres and windscreen.
Please note: if you do, the contract will be between you and the supplier. Since rentalcars.com will not be involved at all, we won’t be able to help if you’re dissatisfied with the cost of the policy or the cover it provides.

International Travel
Should your travel plans include driving outside the country of rental, crossing borders and travelling to different islands within the same country, please advise our team at least 7 days prior to collecting the vehicle, as restrictions may apply for certain countries & we may need to advise the rental company.

Special Equipment and Local Requests
Please note special equipment such as child seats, snow chains etc are all on request and subject to availability. They will be charged for locally and may be subject to airport service fees and local taxes as applicable. Requests for extras will be passed on to the supplier in advance of your arrival but unfortunately we cannot guarantee the availability of any extras.

Emergency Contact Number
Should you be experiencing any difficulties with your rental, please do not hesitate to contact us on our emergency freephone number 00800 4473 3000. This number is fully serviced during our regular office hours (shown on this voucher). Outside these hours, please leave a message & a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

rentalcars.com General Terms
CANCELLATIONS: OF FULLY PREPAID RESERVATIONS: Reservations can be cancelled online free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the rental. Reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the rental will be charged a fee equal to a 3 day rental. There will be no refund or additional charge for reservations less than 3 days in duration. Where the vehicle cannot be picked up due to insufficient documentation or failure to provide a valid credit card this will be treated as a cancellation made within 48 hours provided we are advised at the pick-up time.
CANCELLATION OF DEPOSIT RESERVATIONS: Cancellations made more than 48 hours before the start of the rental will be charged a fee equal to the deposit amount. Reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the rental will be charged a fee equal to a 3 day rental or the deposit amount whichever is the greater. There will be no refund or additional charge for reservations less than 3 days in duration. Where the vehicle cannot be picked up due to insufficient documentation or failure to provide a valid credit card and we are advised of this at the time of pick-up - this will be treated as a cancellation made within 48 hours. Where full payment has not been processed at least 48 hours before the vehicle pick-up time this will be treated as a cancellation with the terms and conditions previously detailed

AMENDMENTS: Reservations can be amended online free of charge before the start of the rental. Where these changes affect the rental price such as duration, car rental location or car type the difference will be calculated from the current published price of the new rental. rentalcars.com cannot refund any unused days or part days if the vehicle is returned early on any rental

NO SHOWS: A 100% cancellation fee will be charged where we are not notified of cancellation prior to the start of the rental.

When collecting the vehicle from our local supplier the principal driver & any additional drivers will need to provide a full driving licence in their name. For drivers with the new style licence, both the paper & photo parts will be required. If any driver has held their licence for less than two years or has any serious endorsements, please advise our team as there may be restrictions on renting. Please note an International Driving Licence/Permit does not replace the requirement for a regular driving licence. If using an international licence/permit, a full driving licence in the principal driver's name will still be mandatory in order to rent the vehicle. Please note that our local supplier will normally require a security deposit at the start of the rental to cover the insurance excess & fuel, this will normally take the form of an amount being blocked on the credit card of the principal driver. The security deposit is usually returned at the end of the rental provided the car is returned in the same condition as rented. CASH & DEBIT CARD DEPOSITS ARE RARELY ACCEPTED, so please be sure to advise our team prior to booking should you, the renter, require this facility. On collecting the vehicle, please be sure to inspect for any damage & report any problems to the local supplier before departing the location with the vehicle. We also recommend checking the vehicle with our local supplier when returning the vehicle to ensure any damage is agreed

All rentals are charged on a 24 hour basis. A full day is charged for any portion of a 24 hour period used. You, the renter, are responsible for all tolls, congestion charges, parking & traffic fines. Please note if you, the renter, are collecting from an airport you should advise rentalcars.com of your arrival flight number at least 3 days prior to renting. rentalcars.com will not be held responsible for cars not provided or available due to late arrival of flights if this has not been provided.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any aspects of your rental, you must report your concerns at the time locally to the supplier. If these are not resolved to your satisfaction you can contact our customer service team through our online form in the contact us area on our website: http://www.rentalcars.com/ContactUs.do. We will endeavour to answer all customer service queries within 28 days of receiving them. Our full terms and conditions can be viewed at http://www.rentalcars.com/TermsAndConditions.do and that by proceeding to book with rentalcars.com you are confirming your acceptance of them.

rentalcars.com, registered trademark of TRAVELJIGSAW Ltd., registered head office at 100 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6JA, company number: 05179829. VAT number: GB 855349007

Insurance & Waivers Information
When you hire a car through rentalcars.com, your car rental agreement will normally include collision damage waiver & theft waiver. Collision Damage Waiver will waive your liability to pay for any damage caused to the vehicle during the period of hire. Theft Waiver provides coverage for the theft or damage resulting from attempted theft of the vehicle, its parts and accessories up to their full value and any loss that our car rental partner may incur. Both are subject to certain exclusions. Your liability is waived subject to you paying a charge, referred to as an “excess” which limits your liability to the cost of the excess only. In some instances, an excess will not apply and you will be advised of this at the time of making your booking.
Your rental includes Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection with an excess of between €900 and €1950 plus tax.
This deposit usually takes the form of a credit card, although cash is an option at some locations so please contact a member of our team if you require this facility as this must be confirmed prior to collecting the vehicle. If the vehicle is damaged during the rental, you will be charged up to a maximum of the excess amount. In the event that the renter has behaved recklessly or negligently or driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol you may be liable for the full cost Please note in common with most car rental policies there are exceptions to cover which may include windscreens, tires, the underside or interior of the vehicle, towing charges & replacement keys. Please check your agreement fully at the time of renting for exact exclusions. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our team Please note a number of options may be available to buy locally which reduce your risk or can provide further cover to you & your belongings

rentalcars.com Excess Refund Product
rentalcars.com offers a damage excess waiver product which, if purchased prior to collection of the vehicle, offers reimbursement for the damage excess portion of any charges paid to the supplier as a result of a claim on the Collision Damage Waiver whilst renting your vehicle. If you, the renter, purchase our damage excess waiver product you will still be charged any excess but can reclaim this from rentalcars.com. The rentalcars.com Damage Excess Refund Product will not cover charges for situations which invalidate the CDW cover with the supplier, such as negligence or breaking the terms of the rental agreement, or for charges that are not covered by the Suppliers CDW, common examples include damage to windscreens, glass, wheels, tyres, undercarriage, interior, personal belongings, towing charges & off-road time. To make a claim on your return please contact tjc@rentalcars.com. For the Full Terms and Conditions relating to our Damage Excess Refund product please see www.rentalcars.com/TermsAndConditions.do

rentalcars.com Full Protection
rentalcars.com offers a Full Protection product which, if purchased before the car is picked up, will reimburse any charges (excluding administration and immobilisation fees) applied by the car hire company to repair damage or accidental damage to bodywork, car parts, windscreen, windows, mirrors, wheels, tyres, hubcaps, clutch, battery, locks and undercarriage – provided they are on the car which that company supplies at the start of the rental.
If purchased, the car hire company will still require a deposit, which they will withhold, in full or in part, to cover the cost of repairs to these items – our Full Protection will refund the sum withheld.
This cover will also reimburse any essential  taxi or towing charges if that car breaks down or is involved in an accident.
It will not cover damage to (or loss of) extra equipment hired from the car hire company, such as child seats and GPS devices – or damage caused under circumstances which invalidate the cover, such as negligence, refuelling errors or breaking the terms of the agreement.